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Laundry Sink Faucet Replacement.

Here is a situation where a homeowner had an older soapstone laundry sink with a leaking faucet that needed to be repaired.  They wanted to replace the faucet and leave the sink that they loved.  Three different plumbing companies told them that replacing the sink and faucet is the easiest way.  The homeowner reached out to JC Plumbing and a quote was given to replace the faucet and repipe the washing machine connection due to not being properly supported.   During the replacement of the faucet we discovered the  washing machine connection was piped backwards.  When discussing the problem that was discovered with the homeowner they had told us that clothes kept shrinking in the wash even on the cold setting.  So now the new faucet works great, cloths are not longer shrinking and they still have the sink they love!



Unit Heater Installation

Long time customer called about an existing Unit Heater that was not working.  While inspecting the heater a crack was found on the heat exchanger.  Due to age of heater and lack of parts the customer decided replacement was the best choice.

Small shop office or large warehouse JC Plumbing can help with your heating needs.  A Unit Heater or even a highly efficient Infrared Heater could slash your heating cost


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Faucet Installation

JC Plumbing was called on to install a faucet in Brookline. One thing that our customers expect is quality. Both on the installation and the product that is supplied by us. If you call and ask I to recommend a product we know. We ask what is your price point is and match it with what will work best. This faucet is a Grohe single handle lavatory faucet. Great looking faucet with a long lasting finish on it and will give you years of trouble free use. Give us a call and let us help you with your plumbing needs.


75 Gallon Gas Water Heater Replacement In Framingham

Existing 75 gallon gas water heater had developed a minor leak and needed to be replaced. Customer contacted me about this and was he was able to text JC Plumbing multiple pictures of the existing heater including the gas connection, hot and cold water connections.  This info was more than enough for a price to be given over the phone. If you have a water heater or any other plumbing issues, please give us a call!


Out with the old, in with the new!  Water heater. 

Homeowner in Ashland called us with a 19 year old gas water heater that had developed a leak. It was time to change out the heater with a new 50 gallon A.O. Smith gas water heater.  When JC plumbing left it was like nothing ever happened!

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