Recent Plumbing Jobs


Replaced A Vacuum Breaker For A Irrigation System In Natick

Natick Mass, homeowner had a frozen Backflow servicing a irrigation system. JC plumbing replaced the unit due to a crack in the body of the Backflow preventer. 


Vanity Installation In Framingham 

Was contacted via email about an older vanity in a 1/2 bath in Framingham. Customer was wondering if JC Plumbing will remove and install a new vanity and faucet.  We were happy to do so and just by painting and replacing the vanity it gave new life to an existing bathroom. 


6 Gallon Electric Water Heater Replacement in Framingham

A property management company who has many commercial properties in Framingham and throughout the area calls on JC Pluming often for their plumbing needs.  From water heaters to toilet replacements, faucets, and all your renovation needs. Residential or commercial we can help!



Flushometer replacement Framingham, MA

An office building in Framingham that JC Plumbing regularly services had a flushometer on a 3rd floor toilet became stuck open causing it to overflow and flood the floors below.  Toto makes a non hold flushometer that can replace existing Sloan flushometers that have a tendency to continuously run.  This will give the building owner and tenants a comfort in knowing the this will not happen again.  


52 Gallon water heater replacement in Southborough, MA

Recivied a no hot water service call. Their was no visible signs of the tank leaking.  We found that the electric breaker had tripped and upon further inspection discovered that the tank had a slow leak coming from the top of the tank.  Water was finding its way to the heater element. JC Plumbing was able to replace the heater in a short period of time. 

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